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So as we’re doing drill this morning, I feel a raindrop hit my face. Oh great, I think. It sprinkles for about five minutes, and then suddenly I hear this THUDTHUDTHUDTHUDTHUD on the metal bleachers. Oh hell, I think, as all the water in the world suddenly pours down on us. Freshmen scream, everyone gets out of step, and from behind me, I hear a tortured cry. “BUT SHIT THIS IS MY CONCERT INSTRUMENT”


I want to build an amusement park based on music.

  • A trampoline made like a timpani.
  • A water slide like the valves of a brass instrument that shoots you out the spit valve and into a pool of water.
  • Instrument shaped swimming pools
  • Gift shops filled with musical items
  • A hall of horrible composers for those who want to be frightened
  • A roller coaster mimicking difficult musical runs
  • A ride where you are pulled up a string and then shot all the way back down
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